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Visiting a Sports Hernia Specialist Can Be Highly Beneficial

Sports Hernia Specialist in Fort Lee, NJ

If you have suffered a groin injury it may prove frustrating as well as painful.  Getting a proper diagnosis requires seeing a physician specializing in this area.

Receiving Help From a Groin and Pelvic Pain Doctor

If you’ve got pain in your groin and believe you have suffered an injury, you can try icing the area to see if it helps. Taking anti-inflammatory medications may be beneficial, as well as increasing your fiber intake. 

If these measures fail, you should seek the expertise of a groin pain specialist like Dr. Iraci.  Only a physician specializing in this area will be able to properly diagnose your condition.  Here at GAPPI we employ a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic regimens to identify your problem and get you back feeling well.

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