Dr. Iraci’s institute combines years of experience and new technologies to provide innovative, hands on solutions that are designed to eliminate groin and pelvic pain.


At GAPPI, we are fully committed to the diagnosis and treatment of the groin and pelvic pain spectrum of illnesses. Groin and pelvic pain can be caused by a multitude of underlying issues. These include: Inguinal Hernia, Femoral Hernia, Obturator Hernia, nerve entrapments, Aponeurotic Plate inflammation or injury, Adductor Tendonopathy, as well as hip, Urologic, and Gynecologic conditions.

We strive to provide the best care possible, based on each of our patient’s needs. By completing an examination of the patient’s health beforehand, we are able to determine and implement the most effective treatment option.

%GROIN PAIN & PELVIC PAIN %Groin And Pelvic Pain Institute


New patients can save time during their first appointment by completing the Patient Forms, prior to their scheduled visit. View our downloadable Patient Forms below.

patients share their experiences

I know that "he saved my life" is almost a cliche. but it's true. I"m a cancer survivor and Dr. Iraci made a decision during my surgery that I'm convinced did make the difference between life and death. And I'm a physician, so I know. There is no finer.
David Posner, M.D.
Dr. Iraci is an excellent surgeon and human being, excellent bed side manners. He was always there for me no matter what time it was, and if not available would respond with promptness. I really appreciate all he did and I am satisfied with the result. I feel awesome. Thanks to him. Thanks so much. To his staff I think you are all awesome!!!
Johanns H.
Saved my life after appendicitis, extremely intelligent and accessible. He came back to the hospital to perform my surgery and was very fast to start - you don’t find doctors like him anymore.


For patients interested in a surgical approach, it is recommended that a consultation with Dr. Iraci be scheduled first in order to discuss the symptoms one is experiencing, the groin or pelvic condition, and the treatment options available. This is the best first step to clarify the entire treatment process that will ensure the highest quality of care and options available. Your first consultation is free.

%GROIN PAIN & PELVIC PAIN %Groin And Pelvic Pain Institute