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Pelvic Pain And How it Affects Women

Here at the Groin and Pelvic Pain Institute, it is important to diagnose any groin and pelvic pain issues to make sure that we can catch and deliver treatment to avoid serious problems. Bodies need to be taken care of and if you feel any pain, it is important to speak with your doctor for possible causes. 

Pelvic pain can occur in both men and women but there are some instances where the pelvic pain is specific to women and can be serious. 

Common Causes of Pelvic Pain in Women

These are some common causes of pelvic pain in women that aren’t as serious and could go away without seeking treatment. Even if it isn’t serious, identifying groin and pelvic pain is important in order to understand your own body. 

Menstrual Cramps

Anybody with a uterus has the ability to menstruate and sadly it may not be the most pleasant experience. It happens monthly and is expected. Most of the time you can take a pain reliever specific for this pelvic pain in women so you can go about your day normally. 

This pain can be centered around the groin and pelvis or it can occur elsewhere like the legs and lower back for some.


Ovulation occurs when an egg is available in the fallopian tubes in order to fertilize. It happens about two weeks after menstruation and can vary between a small pelvic pain to pelvic pain that lasts longer. It can feel like cramps and should go away on its own.


Again, if you have a uterus, the ability to menstruate, as well as ovaries, you can become pregnant. Groin and pelvic pain occurs as the fetus develops into a baby and makes room within the pelvic area to carry the baby. This is natural and normal but can cause discomfort for some women. 

Pelvic pain can also be an early sign of pregnancy especially if that is your goal. You should speak with your doctor to make sure. 

Serious Pelvic Pain in Women

Some of these causes can be overlapped with the common causes but develop into a more serious condition. In this case, it is extremely important to contact your doctor or specialist. 


According to the Mayo Clinic endometriosis is when tissue from the lining of the womb occurs out of the uterus. This tissue responds to the menstrual cycle despite not being located in the uterus.  

This can lead to painful groin and pelvic pain in women caused by cysts and scar tissue due to tissue and blood being unable to exit the body. This kind of pelvic pain in women may require surgery to alleviate it.

Ovarian Remnant

Ovarian remnant is caused by surgical removal of the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. If a small piece of ovary is left behind in the body, it can develop into cysts. This causes serious groin and pelvic pain in women. 

Be sure to take care of your body after surgery and be aware of any groin and pelvic pains like this to follow up with the surgeon.

Ectopic Pregnancy

When an egg attaches itself to the outside of the uterus, it is called an ectopic pregnancy. As the egg grows into a fetus, it can cause serious groin and pelvic pain in women. Pain can vary from a sharp pain or cramps, to making daily activities difficult. 

This is life threatening and medical attention is necessary as soon as possible.


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