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Is It a Sports Hernia Or a Pulled Groin?

Is It a Sports Hernia Or a Pulled Groin?

If you are experiencing pain from what you think is a groin pull, you may want to have this evaluated by a physician specializing in CORE MUSCLE INJURIES AND SPORTS HERNIAS. 

Symptoms of SPORTS HERNIAS include:
– Chronic or acute pain in the groin and/or the inner thigh
– Pain after exertion
– Difficulty or pain on walking

If you have these symptoms and have been evaluated and told that you do not have a hernia and have been told to “rest” you should be evaluated by a physician who specializes in this area.

Treatment of SPORTS HERNIA:

If the diagnosis of SPORTS HERNIA is made, it may require a trial of rest, anti-inflammatory medication and Physical Therapy.  If this does not completely alleviate the issue a surgical repair may be suggested.The type of procedure is very individual and Dr. Iraci will suggest what he feels will benefit you given your specific condition.


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