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Is It a Sports Hernia Or a Pulled Groin?

Is It a Sports Hernia Or a Pulled Groin?

Going to the gym, park, or staying home to get in your daily workout routine is always good for your body. However, make sure that you aren’t putting too much pressure on your body all at once. It is important to slowly increase the difficulty, but sometimes we want to push ourselves; this can lead to a pulled muscle and groin pain can occur as a result. So how do you know if it’s a sports hernia or a pulled groin?

Pulled Groin?

Maybe it is just a pulled groin and not a sports hernia. You lunged too hard, you lifted more than you are used to, or you just put too much strain on your body in general. A pulled groin can happen on accident or be a result of poor muscle strength or previous injuries. It is also a common injury when playing sports. 

How can you identify a pulled groin? Here are some common symptoms you may experience according to WebMD:

  • Pain or tenderness in groin region or inner thighs
  • You feel pain when moving your legs together
  • You feel discomfort when lifting a knee
  • Felt popping and snapping during injury resulting in severe groin pain

These symptoms could also overlap with a sports hernia, but these are definite symptoms of a potential pulled groin. If you experience groin pain and think it may be a pulled groin, there are three degrees of pain you can go by:

  • 1st degree: Mild, heals within 2 weeks
  • 2nd degree: Moderate, affects your movement and some tissue damage
  • 3rd degree: Severe pain, loss of muscle strength and function due to the tear in the muscle, and takes the longest to heal

Pulled Groin Treatment

A pulled groin can heal on its own with the assistance of treatment. Unlike a sports hernia, a pulled groin can be treated without the need of repair or surgery, it just takes time.

  • Ice your inner thigh where the groin pain is
  • Compress the thigh 
  • Anti-inflammatory painkillers can also be an option for reducing swelling or groin pain (make sure to speak with a doctor, as long term use can lead to complications)

If your groin pain persists, it may be more than a pulled groin. It could be a sports hernia, which requires a different set of treatment and you may experience some additional symptoms.

Sports Hernia?

If you thought you had a pulled groin but it turns out to be a sports hernia, no worries! You came to the right place. Here at the Groin and Pelvic Pain Institute we specialize in hernia repair as well as any groin and pelvic pain queries. If you know you have a sports hernia, feel free to book a consultation with Dr. Iraci to discuss your treatment options. If you are not sure, please continue reading. 

Symptoms of a sports hernia are as follows:

  • The groin pain is chronic and you often have a pulled groin
  • You feel pain when doing exercises like crunches
  • Pain occurs when you move
  • Sharp groin pains
  • Pain can occur from just coughing or sneezing

A sports hernia is a much more serious matter than a pulled groin. For a sports hernia, you may choose to go the nonsurgical route in order to alleviate the pain. However, over time it may turn into a inguinal hernia, making surgery a necessity, according to OrthoInfo

Nonsurgical Treatment For Sports Hernia

  • Rest and apply ice to the injured area
  • Physical therapy 
  • Anti-inflammatory medications recommended by a doctor

Surgical Treatment For Sports Hernia

  • Open Hernia Repair
  • Laparoscopy

To learn more about these surgery options, we suggest you visit our FAQ at the Groin and Pelvic Pain Institute.

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