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Ergonomic & Well-Being Tips For Your Remote Workspace

Ergonomic Tips For Your Remote Workspace

For many of us, stay-at-home orders and remote work have become the new normal. Working from home comes with its own unique benefits and challenges. Among the many benefits are cozy clothes, no sitting in traffic, and the ability to create a custom work environment.

While it’s tempting to work continuously from the couch, putting your body in awkward positions for extended periods of time (2 hours or more) could lead to tissue strain, groin and pelvic pain, or worse, injury.    

While working from home, it’s imperative to create a dedicated workspace that benefits both mind and body, because an “ergonomically optimized workspace helps you work efficiently and safely” states Rachel from Flex Jobs

Start With Height

It’s important to begin finding an appropriate working height. Whether you are sitting on a chair or have a standing desk, it’s important that your elbows naturally fall flush with your desk. This will improve your wrist alignment and ward off carpal tunnel stress. 

Focus On A Neutral Spine

Unlike what you may be picturing in your head, a neutral spine has a natural curve to it – it is not perfectly straight. It is basically shaped like the letter ‘S’. 

Whether sitting or standing, maintaining a neutral spine is the best position for it, as it puts less strain on your body and takes less effort to keep it.  

So if you find yourself working at your dining room table, a folding table, or a regular desk, ensure that you can work while maintaining a neutral spine. 

Setting Up Your Computer

Many of us may be working with laptops; however, while they are portable, they are not very ergonomic. It is tempting to sit with them on the couch for long periods, but as we’ve touched on before, this does little to no benefit to your body. 

At your desk, try to place your laptop on a few books to get the laptop to eye-level. Ensuring this position will help mitigate stress to your neck, shoulders, and head. 

Stay Hydrated and Take Breaks

We all know that staying hydrated is paramount for optimal health. When working from home, it may be tempting to keep reaching for the coffee pot, but maybe after that first cup (or two), consider sticking with water for the rest of the day. 

Not only does drinking plenty of water help filter out waste and maintain homeostasis, but it also wards off pelvic pain due to its role in supporting bowel function and movement. 

Try to keep a water bottle handy and take a break from the computer screen every couple hours. Walking around your house and gentle stretching during the workday will help your body stay healthy and mobile while working remotely. 

Contact Your Groin and Pelvic Pain Doctor

If you have more questions about how to reduce pelvic pain and groin pain while working remotely, do not hesitate to contact your groin and pelvic pain doctor. We are here to help and educate during these crazy times! 

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